Standard Micro Soldering Start-Up Kit

Standard Micro Soldering Start-Up Kit

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This Standard Micro-Soldering Start-Up Kit includes all the basic items needed to get started micro-soldering! 
(Does not include standard solder iron, tips holder stand or 599b tip cleaner as pictured, includes micro iron and tips - please see list shown below)

You will receive:
SKU#:Product: Price: 
201220mm High-Temp Polymide Tape $2.99
Tweezers Superfine Tip TS-3C 
5001Hakko FX-951-98 Solder Station *Station Only$139.99
5002FM-2032 Micro-Solder Add-On Kit (Hakko)$169.99 
5004Hakko Fume Extractor $69.99 
5041T-30 I Conical Micro-Solder Tip (Hakko)$34.99 
5007T-30 J Micro-Solder Tip (Hakko)$35.99 
5037/5038Prime Board Shields for 6 & 6plus (5 of ea)$29.98
5011Chipquik No-Clean Flux $14.99
5012Chipquik Desolder Alloy $32.99 
501460/40 .025" Diameter Solder (MG Chemicals)$16.99 
5015Tip Tinner - Lead Free (MG Chemicals)$9.99 
5018Desolder Braid - 5' (MG Chemicals)$5.99
TOTAL VALUE: $568.86

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